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    Build your own tube amp   

Under the instruction and guidance of veteran Generation Electric amp repair tech and RIPCORD amp builder Adam Kachersky, set upon your journey to build a point to point, handwired BY YOU, Tweed Deluxe 5E3 tube amp!

This “medium” difficulty build circuit is purposely chosen for several reasons. Mainly, it’s not easy! That’s right, you’ll actually learn some tricks of the trade by having to dive into a medium difficulty build. Also, these amps are renowned the world over for their vintage tone and you’re the one bringing it to life! And most of all, it’s just a fun build to achieve and brag about to all your friends! (Cuz we’re all gear heads and we can’t help it, lol). From the day you complete the build, the amp is forever a part of you. Whether it’s gonna be your studio amp, a bedroom amp, the bar room amp or mic’d up on stage with 50,000 watts to send it over a sea of fans hanging on every note... that sound is forever linked to you!

We exclusively use quality MOJOTONE kits! We DO NOT mark up the price at all. You pay for the kit the same from us as you would buying direct from MOJOTONE. The price of the class above the cost of the kit includes instructor fee, tools/supplies fee, and food/drink accommodations.

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5E3 Kit $750 + S/H = $800 approx

Class Fee $300

Total Cost $1100

Click here to view the kit that you will build.

  • Classes limited to 5 students at a time. 

  • First come, first serve. 

  • Minimum Deposit of $800 in the form of cash, credit card or PayPal is required in advance to cover the cost of the kit. Class fee and any balance or tax are due on the day of the build (sorry, no refunds).

  • Class time to begin at 10am and conclude at 6pm with a one hour lunch break. 

  • Build dates will be announced 2 months in advance and fall on a Sunday for convenience.

  • All amplifiers will be bench checked and scoped for proper completion by amp tech Adam Kachersky.

  • All students must sign a release/waiver in order to take the class, no exceptions.

By the very real and dangerous hazards that are assumed to be encountered in the field of electronics, all efforts are made to limit any potential injury. During the actual building and assembly stage, only the soldering iron will be plugged into an outlet, the amp will not have live voltage at any time during this phase. The soldering iron is a very hot tool and can/will burn you if not handled properly and with respect for it’s function. Upon completion, each amp will be plugged in and inspected for voltage by amp tech Adam Kachersky, no one else! Students will see and learn from the final "live voltage inspection” but WILL NOT participate in that inspection. Adam reserves the right to deny, remove from the class at anytime or reschedule a student based on any actions deemed unsafe to any or all parties involved for safety reasons.


    Upcoming Classes   

Update as of July 15, 2021:

Due to a worldwide parts shortage, amp kits are not available at the moment. Mojotone will contact me as soon as amp kits become available and a class date will be determined at that point. Please check back for updates!



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